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How to Grow Instagram Followers – 10 Proven and Tested Techniques

Last updated at 19-11-2021

Learn how to grow your Instagram followers – Fast

You must have a clear-cut social media strategy to grow Instagram followers. The higher the Instagram followers, the better will be your credibility.

Now, the question that arises here is how to grow Instagram followers? Some companies may provide you with many Instagram followers and likes, but experts don’t recommend it. Most of these followers are fake or bots. 

Instagram cracks down on fake followers through its intuitive algorithm and intelligent crawling from time to time. Thus, having fake followers won’t help you much. 

You should focus on gaining real followers only; who like and comment on your Instagram feeds through comments and messages.

Here are proven and tested techniques on how to grow Instagram followers. 

Profile Identity and Instagram Bio

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Every Instagram profile must have a complete bio. It helps users know more about you or your brand. You must fill out your profile with all the necessary details; no canvassing, please! 

Be specific here. You have only 150 characters to describe your purpose on Instagram. Make the best out of it. 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to upload an attractive DP (Default Photo) on Instagram and replace it with a new one every week. 

Use Linktree Not Website Link

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You can’t put any link (it won’t be clickable even if you type URL address) to your Instagram posts. However, you can subtly post your website or blog link on Instagram profile in the Bio section. 

But, who likes to click on Bio these days? People come to Instagram with a relaxing mood to watch videos or images. You need to offer them something extra. 

You should try Linktree instead. It comes with both a paid and free version. You can customize Linktree section with an attractive theme, colour, and profile DP. Instead of your website link, you can put your Linktree link in the bio section.

Pro Tip: Subscribe its Pro Version to add your article/ blog/ news/ content links with identical thumbnails. Use the same image on your Instagram feed with the hashtag #LinkInTheBio to drive quality traffic to your website. 

Be Consistent

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You can’t use Instagram either too frequently or sporadically. Around 200-million users visit Instagram daily, if you successfully grab the attention of even 1–2% of users, then it will be a huge accomplishment per se. 

Be consistent with your Instagram posts. Keep the captions long and self-explanatory.

Pro Tip: Post your Instagram content at specific time slots when your previous posts have garnered maximum traffic. 

Collaborate with Influencers

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Collaborate with influencers who share the same passion as you. For example; if you are selling fashion apparel, then you can tie up with a fashion designer or any other relevant influencer who has lots of Instagram followers. 

Request them to feature your image and Instagram handle on their post so that their followers can come to know about you. 

As an online fashion store, collaborating with a doctor or engineer who is in no way related to your business is a complete waste. 

Pro Tip: Big influencers are a bit hesitant to collaborate with a new firm. You can offer them cash or in-kind with special offers to clinch the deal.

Publicise Your Instagram 

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Your website or blog must showcase a direct link to your social media profile like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Also don’t forget to share your Instagram post link on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter among others. It will help you reach out to new audiences who may be interested in following you. 

The idea is to spread awareness about your Instagram profile to as many people as you can. 

Pro Tip: Don’t overdo this activity. If genuine followers on Twitter or FB feel that you are more interested in promoting Instagram only, then they may unfollow you. 

Inspect, Interact, and Interest

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The 2020 Sprout Social Index has found that 68% of people want to interact when they come across an interesting picture. Using high-quality images on Insta Feed, you can start a conversation. 

You have to follow a couple of key steps to start a new conversation:

Inspect -> First, analyse whether a certain image looks good on your Insta feed or not! Is it relevant to your target audience? Based on the above two considerations, you can go on to interact with Instagram users. 

Interact-> If someone communicates with you on Instagram either through Insta comments or messages, don’t forget to take that forward. Gradually introduce your products or services to them.  

Alternatively, communicate with random Instagram users who are interested in products or services similar to the one that you are offering. 

PS: Be highly selecting when it comes to commenting. Use short and crispy sentences without any grammatical flaws. 

Optimize Hashtags

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Make wise use of hashtags with your Instagram posts. You can use some vital Hashtag generator tools like Hashtagify, Ritetag, Ingramer, and Sistrix for maximum impact. These tools help you identify the right hashtags based on your target audience. 

Never use irrelevant hashtags with your Instagram post. Unlike Twitter, the use of irrelevant hashtags on Instagram can be visible to everyone who follows that hashtag. If the theme of your post and hashtag don’t match, then it can create a negative impact in the mind of those hashtag followers. However, you can use popular hashtags like #Instagood #Instapic #Instadaily with any of your posts. 

Pro Tip: You can use up to 30 (relevant) hashtags per Instagram post. However, never post all hashtags in your caption. Instead, use some hashtags in the caption and remaining in the comment. 

Pin Follower’s Comments

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Whenever your followers comment on your post, don’t forget to pin them. Though it takes hardly a couple of seconds to do so; it means a lot to your followers. It will help you in creating a long-standing rapport with them. 

Pinned comments are showcased on top of an Instagram post’s comment section. 

Pro Tip: Don’t pin comments of a fake and unauthorised user.

Use Instagram Live Features

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Instagram live sessions are going viral these days. Once you go live, Instagram automatically, informs your viewers about this. So, they will join too. And even random public can also join in if your account is not private. 

You can invite your follower as a guest. Once you invite someone as a guest, even their followers receive a notification about this. Thus, an Instagram live session can be quite fruitful for a new brand to popularize their products or services. 

Pro Tip: Don’t use any Instagram filters available for a live session. Filters are fine for personal use only. If you are using Instagram for brand promotion, then adding filters to your face will look unprofessional. 

Grab Rival Brand’s Followers

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Keep a close check on your competitors. Since your competitor deals in the same line of business that you do, so you can concentrate on wooing followers of your rival brands. 

Go to your competitor’s profile and check out the active profiles of some of the followers. Initiate a direct conversation with them through Direct Messages or by simply commenting on their posts. Try to be as creative and genuine as you can. 

Pro Tip: While interacting with your competitor’s followers, don’t criticize them. Just highlight your brand’s USP and best features. 


We have covered several vital points through which you can gain a lot of Instagram followers through organic ways. Though all tricks may not work for you, some of them will definitely do. Meanwhile, don’t forget to keep posting long captions, engaging stories, and high-quality copyright-free images on your Instagram profile. 

  • Use relevant and right Instagram hashtags
  • Post consistently on Instagram
  • Connect with influencers
  • Stay active by commenting frequently
  • Spy on the competitor’s followers

Which of the above tips on how to grow Instagram followers worked for you? Let us know in the comment section and keep the conversation rolling. 

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