JavaScript Tutorial

CSS Introduction

  • CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a standard style sheet language Prior to CSS, nearly all of the presentational attributes of HTML documents were contained within the HTML markup, all the colors, background styles, alignments, borders and sizes had to be used for describing the presentation of the web pages.
  • CSS works hand-in-hand with HTML to create the beautiful websites that we can access today using WWW.
  • If the style information were repeatedly added to every single page of the website, results in development of the large websites became a long and expensive process.

To solve this problem CSS was introduced to enable the separation of presentation and content and showcase a clear picture of the website altogether.

Pre-requisites before learning CSS

  • Experience with any of the code editor tool like Notepad++, Sublime or even Notepad is fine.
  • Experience with any browser
  • Browsing experience with files and directories
  • Experience with HTML and its tags
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