How to parse JSON

Pre-requisites: Basic Understanding HTML and JQuery.

In this project,

  • We will use json_encode()  and json_decode() functions to parse JSON data.




Run parseJSON.php file in your browser to get the following output. URL may look like as follows:




Code Explanation of parseJSON.php


$indexedArr = array(



Declaring and initializing an indexed array.



json_encode is used to encode a PHP array to JSON string.



Json_decode is used to decode a JSON string into an array.



In this project, we have learned to parse a PHP array into a JSON string using json_encode function.

We have also learned to parse JSON string to a PHP array using json_decode function. This is how, we exchange data in a standard format.

It is a language independent data format, therefore it can be easily used with other programming languages as well.

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