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Lecturely Resource Hub
Lecturely Resource Hub

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100% Project Based Training Courses and Workshops

Upgrade your skill set with our project based training courses and workshops on web technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Tailwind and React.

Html CSS Project Based Training
PHP ECommerce Learning
PHP Marathon
Road Trip Planner App - React Training

We believe learning should be simple and its impact should be big.

  • Project Based Learning

    Lecturely offers 100% Live Project based learning. Absolutely Free.

  • Learn and Implement

    1000+ Practical Exercises and Solutions to implement. Absolutely Free.

  • Read2Learn

    5000+ Blogs on all latest technologies and industry trends. Absolutely Free

Chill & Skill: Self-Paced Web Learning Ahead!

HTMl Course
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CSS Course
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JavaScript Course
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PHP Course
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React Course
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Tailwind Course
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