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HTML Course

Complete HTML Theory course with practicals.


Download the Cheat Sheets created by Industry Experts.


Hundreds of HTML Exercises for your practice.

Project Ideas

HTML Projects for practical exposure.

Already have Basic Knowledge of HTML and CSS?

HTML/CSS Crash/Revision Course

  • Pre-Requisites: HTML/CSS Basics
  • Training Level: Basics
  • Training Duration: 7 Days

Note: Purpose of this crash course is to revise topics required for HTML/CSS Project Based Training workshops. We are not covering any basics in this course. We will just focus on what you need to revise to be able to attend the Project Based Training workshops of HTML and CSS. Please make sure you already know HTML/CSS Basics before attending this course.

Create Landing Page using HTML and CSS

  • Pre-Requisites: HTML/CSS Basics
  • Training Level: Basics
  • Training Duration: 3 Days
  • Fee: Rs. 4000/- Free

Note: If you need revision of HTML and CSS, you can attend our HTML/CSS crash course before applying for this training. We expect that the student attending this workshop already has good knowledge of HTML and CSS syllabus.

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